Preventing Your Kids from Getting Sick Easily with 5 Simple Natural Steps


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Children  are parents’ precious angels. Seeing them fall sick break our hearts. Often times we wished that we’re the one who get sick, not them. Why not everyone stay healthy? Children tend to have lower immunity than adult, especially toddlers and younger.  When their immune is low, any virus  or bacteria may attack easily. The most common illnesses in children are cough,  cold/flu,  fever,  diarrhea, and vomiting.  Those are symptoms of infection  or inflammation in the body.

Oilogy  is happy to share some simple natural steps to maintain  children’s immunity :

healthy nutrition for kids

  1.  Feed your kids good nutrition
    A well balanced diet nourishes the body and repairs damaged cells with the necessary protein, vitamins and minerals.  Don’t skip the vegetables. They are crucial. Reduce or stop completely the junk food diet. We give them what they need not what they  always want. Cut the sugar, the dairy, the refined carbs, and processed food.


  2. Super C
    Human body doesn’t produce vitamin C.  Young Living  produces Super C chewable and Super C tablet. A delicious way to fulfill your vitamin C needs with all natural, non GMO Super C.

    non toxic personal care products for kids
    non toxic personal care products for kids


  3. Non-toxic  personal care
    Do you know that toxic ingredients in your children’s personal care products lower immunity and become the source of health problem.  Whatever  goes into the skin,  goes into the blood stream.  Mix melaleuca essential oil into  any Young Living bath gel. An  easy way to boost immune.

    Thieves and Immupower

  4. Thieves and Immupower
    Apply  Thieves and Immupower at the sole of feet in the morning and at night.  They are the it combo to guard one’s wellness.  You may diffuse  Immupower during bed time too.

    Thieves Foaming Hand Soap

  5. Hygiene
    Teach them about the importance of hand washing, especially before they put anything into their mouth with their hands. There’re millions of germs out there. Avoid anti bacterial soap, as it will also eliminate the good bacteria. Use Thieves Foaming Handsoap instead.

Do those 4 steps  regularly and you will see the difference.

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