Review: High Tea and Wine – Secrets to Staying Young

Secrets to Staying Young
Secrets to Staying Young

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It’s true, inner beauty is important, but doesn’t mean we can be clueless in our physical beauty. Physical beauty is health, Oilogy stressed on natural beauty and wellness on its last event, “Secrets to Staying Young.” It’s not about how expensive your cosmetics and accessories are. It’s about how healthy your organs are, how to treat the inside for the outside, and to have a long prosperity life.

Our speaker is one of Oilogy’s certified aromatherapists. She stressed about the importance of limiting toxin as much as possible. Eating healthy is wonderful, but a lot of our vegetables are not as nutrient dense, the soil’s quality is not as good as our elder generation’s. In addition, if your digestive system is not functioning well, the body is not absorbing the nutrients. Toxin plays control in our health. Unfortunately, in this modern era, our bodies are mostly exposed to too much different toxins. 75% homes use synthetic fragrance which exposing more than 300 toxic chemical, including shampoo, toothpaste, soap, lotion, and candle.

Focus on three simple things:
1. Remove toxin as much as possible
2. Feed the body good nutrient
3. Peace and calming of mind

Where do we start? Start from the kitchen, cook at home for your family wellness. Treat the body from the inside out rather than using chemical medicine to fix the inside.Replace your personal care products with Young Living’s non toxic products. Why would anyone continue using toothpaste with food dye, toxin ingredients? Choose wisely, self care is the best care.

Young Living is the oldest, most trusted and respected essential oils company in the world. We are the leader of a multi billion dollars company with over 2 millions members around the globe. The only company that owns farms and offers the deal os seed to seal guarantee. Anyone is welcome to visit the farm and participate in the planting, harvesting, etc. Young Living is also a leading company that makes supplements, quality food products, and non toxic skin cares. It helps me and my family to life a better quality life.

Buttercup Bakery at Four Points by Sheraton did a beautiful job for the Oilogy's event.
Buttercup Bakery at Four Points by Sheraton did a beautiful job for the Oilogy’s event. The ladies were surely enjoyed the high tea’s savory snacks and wine.


Non toxic products by Young Living
Non toxic products by Young Living


Young Living Essential Oils
Young Living Essential Oils



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